About this site

Hopefully you're here because the short description of the site interested you.

A maddening combination of Leadership, Software Delivery and Dungeons & Dragons

Its a pretty weird description for a blog after all.

But its representative, because that's what I like to write about, and this blog is a way for me to shout into the void.

My name is Todd and I like to think of myself as the guy that keeps the machine running. The machine being whatever it is that produces value for your customers. Probably software.

I mostly lead teams these days, so a good chunk of the posts of this blog will be about leadership.

Software delivery is the next most obvious topic, because the teams I lead deliver software. I'm a technical person at heart, so you'll see posts on here about the horrible intricacies of some arcane programming concept from time to time.

As for the last part? Dungeons and Dragons? Well I love playing and running games and I find that it's a fantastic way to get to know people and learn what makes them tick. After all, what better way to plumb the mental depths of your friends and colleagues than to challenge them with weird and wonderful imaginary situations and see how they react.

What should you expect from this blog?

My goal is to make at least one post a week about whatever it is that interests me. I find that writing about something is a great way to solidify the knowledge and learnings in my own mind, so expect at least a little bit of rambling.

I've been told I have a unique writing style, so that's something to look forward to as well.

Also, puns. Puns in every post title and sub-heading.

Where to from here?

Well, if you're reading this page, you're clearly at least a little bit interested in what I have to say, so maybe subscribe?

This isn't my first internet soapbox. I've written thousands upon thousands of words on my old blog, so if you like my style, maybe go have a read of the titular archives?