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I'm still not sure if Ryan Gosling can act, but at least his movies are entertaining. All credit to Bold Films? Man, who the hell are they.

I'm going to phone it in a bit this week because I've been travelling and also because I'm technically on holidays.

I'm sure you'll forgive me.

So travelling.

The team get-together that I alluded to at the end of last weeks post was in Sydney, which means a trip of some description.

I don't really like flying. It's not because I'm afraid that the plane will crash and I will die a horrible fiery death though, airplanes are just an unpleasant way to travel.

Being trapped in a tiny metal cylinder with a bunch of other people is pretty much my idea of hell, and it wouldn't matter if it was hurtling through the air or just sitting calmly in a pleasant meadow. It would suck regardless.

Combine that with the process of getting into the plane being simultaneously long and boring yet rushed and stressful, and it's just something I'm overwhelmingly meh about.

Which is incredibly disappointing, because flying is a marvel of human engineering, and then we sucked all the fun out of it because that's the kind of species that we are.

So I decided to drive instead, which makes getting somewhere feel more like an adventure.

I can discover things! I can look around!

Also, I can stop whenever I feel like it and get out. People get really nervous when you do that in an airplane.

All it costs is more of my time.

A worthy trade-off.

Anyway, it's the end of the week now and I'm back home.

I can say that driving to Sydney is...okay? Like, its definitely not as annoying as flying, but it sure does take a while, and really there is only so many times you can enjoy the scenery before it all starts to blur together and you wonder if you actually died a few hours ago when that stupid truck almost hit you and maybe this is purgatory?

Most towns are pretty similar as well. From Brisbane all the way down to the Sydney you can count on basically the same sort of fast food places and the same general feel to everything.

But you know what makes the entire trip worth it?

Having someone you love with you.

And she didn't even murder me during the trip!

I consider that a victory.

Would I do it again?


It was nice not having to rush to the airport and then play the boring waiting game and I vastly prefer being stuck in a different kind of metal box with a much smaller number of people.

But it certainly did take a lot more time and a bunch more effort.

Maybe I'll try the train next time.