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That's Going In The Blog

That's Going In The Blog
A throwback to the High Kings of old. All credit to Games Workshop.

This is the 150th post on this blog, which is an arbitrary number, but human brains are weird, so it seems meaningful somehow.

Going off the tags that I use when I post things, the top 5 things that I write about are:

The top two being leadership and D&D is pretty much what I would expect, given that when I kicked this blog off almost three years ago, that was exactly the sort of stuff that I promised to write about.

I mean, it's still written right on the front page:

A maddening combination of Leadership, Software Delivery and Dungeons & Dragons

Well done me for being a man of my word I suppose?

It might be pretty obvious considering there volume of posts on this site, but I like writing. The written word is easily one of the greatest things that humanity has invented in its short time on this planet.

Writing things down helps me to think them through, remember them better later and sometimes, if I'm really lucky, helps other people to be more awesome than they currently are.

Now, I still have a bunch of ideas for things that I want to write about. The well is nowhere near dry and I'm adding new things all the time because life keeps happening and reality can be weird and unexpected.

But, I'll be honest, none of those ideas are really screaming out to me as something I should write about next.

It's probably because I'm mid-transition; not quite an Engineering Manager anymore but not yet a full-fledged Technical Program Manager. Signs are good that I'll be fully immersed in the new role by the end of the quarter, but it's been a slower journey than I would have liked.

Hiring is hard.

Anyway, while I've got this sort of mental lull due to being stuck between worlds, I figured I'd reach out to you, o reader mine, to see if you had any thoughts about what I should write about.

And that means a survey, which I have put in button form below.

Click it.

Click the button.

It's a quick one, just two actual questions, so if you have 5-10 minutes, I'd really love to hear from you. I promise that I will read every single word in every single response.

Also, just imagine how cool it will feel if something that you suggested gets written up into a rambling, incoherent series of words for the entire internet to see!