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A Streaming Cup of Liber-TEA

A Streaming Cup of Liber-TEA
It's a great game, you should play it. All credit to Arrowhead Games

On Friday, 31 May from 2:00-6:00 PM AEST I'm going to be streaming some Helldivers 2 to raise money for the Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation (SCHF).

Citizens of Super-Earth, democracy calls and you must answer! It's easy, all you need to do is:

Do You Like The Taste Of Freedom?

I've been playing a lot of Helldivers 2 recently and haven't really done a charity stream since April last year, so the time is ripe to combine both of those things into a meaningful event.

They take a bit of effort, but I really do enjoy doing charity streams. It's a great opportunity to take my love of video games and use it to actually do some good. Also, I can drag other people along with me and make it a group activity, which is fun too.

Friendly Fire Isn't

Of course, it wouldn't be a charity stream without a way to extract more money from both participants and viewers, so here are the rules:


As a Helldiver for Super-Earth, who passed the comprehensive training and onboarding program with flying colours, I hereby agree to the following penalties, to be paid out in full on completion of the stream:

  • $1 / Death
    • A Helldiver is a valuable resource. Deaths waste that resource
  • $1 / Nest/Factory Uncleared
    • The enemies of Super-Earth cannot be left alive to terrorise our citizens
  • $2 / Secondary Objective Uncompleted
    • Not completing objectives set by Command is undemocratic
  • $5 / Extraction Failure
    • Leaving a Helldiver and his equipment behind is a waste of equipment
  • $20 / Mission Failure
    • If we are to win this war, failure cannot be tolerated


Command has agreed that the following donations can be made to alter the mission parameters for participating Helldivers. The data gained from this exercise will be used to improve future battlefield performance.

  • $2 Weapons Testing
    • Force a Helldiver to use one of their weapons only (5m)
  • $5 Targeted Jamming
    • Put a temporary block (10m) on stratagem use for a Helldiver
  • $5 Injury? What Injury?
    • Put a temporary block (10m) on stim use for a Helldiver
  • $5 Emotional Support Required
    • Force a Helldiver to hug a teammate before resuming the fight
  • $10 Challenge Accepted
    • Force the squad to select a specific level of difficulty for the next mission
  • $10 Scatter!
    • All Helldivers must split up and seek different objectives
  • $20 Agent of Chaos
    • Force a single Helldiver to equip the following loadout for the next mission:
      • Eruptor
      • Grenade Launcher
      • Flamer / Arc Thrower
      • 120MM Artillery Barrage
      • 360MM Artillery Barrage
  • $50 Temporary Insanity
    • Force a Helldiver to temporarily (10m) turn on their teammates

When In Doubt, Dive, Dive and Dive Again

If you've read this far, well done you, but I'm going to use the opportunity to reinforce the call to action, which is to:

Your donations really do make a difference to the lives of sick kids and if you're really lucky, they can result in some spectacular things like this:

Highlight: The Blessed Knife Round - psykerwraith on Twitch
psykerwraith went live on Twitch. Catch up on their VALORANT VOD now.

I will never stop using this clip