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Feel The Jett-Stream

Feel The Jett-Stream
I used to play Jett exclusively, then I realised I was bad at it. Now I play Sage

At the end of our charity stream excursion, we raised $1,314, which is the best I think I've ever done for a charity stream. I attribute it to cajoling people to pay penalties, and boy there were a lot of penalties paid.

As always, it was great fun, though we did lose a lot. The full stream is available here on Twitch, and I may or may not draw out some highlights depending on how motivated I'm feeling.

Thanks to everyone who got involved, donated, participated, whatever. Literally could not have done it without you.

On Thursday, 27 April from 3:00-6:00pm AEST I'm going to be streaming some Valorant games for charity, accompanied by some fellow Atlassians.

Come watch our antics and if you feel even slightly entertained, or want to make our lives more difficult, toss a coin towards a good cause.

Great TV series. Shame Cavill isn't coming back for future seasons :(

Watch This!

This isn't the first time I've streamed for charity, and it won't be the last.

Thanks to the existence of Foundation time at Atlassian, I get to spend a few days a year playing video games on company time, as long as it contributes to a meaningful cause.

In this case, the cause in question is the War in Ukraine, which I think we can all agree is meaningful.

Gamers4Action are supporting Unicef to help gather money for the children caught in this stupid conflict, and Atlassian and I are in turn supporting Gamers4Action via this stream.

Get Out Of My Way

As always, just streaming is boring, so I've put together a double whammy of penalty donations for the participants and incentive donations for the viewers in order to keep things interesting.


  • I agree to donate an additional $10 for every flawless round the enemy team gets against my team
  • I agree to donate an additional $2 for every round I go without a kill
  • I agree to donate an additional $1 for every 1v1 clutch that I lose


  • If you donate $5 you can force a player to use a specific weapon for the next round
  • If you donate $10 you can force a player to use only a knife for the next round
  • If you donate $25 you can choose a player's character for the next game
  • If you donate $50 you can force us to queue competitive for the next game

Just think, if you donate money to force me to use a knife for a round, I'll probably not get any kills, which means I have to donate more money at the end!

It's win-win. For the charity that is. Which is all that matters.

This Is How I Like To Win

The call to action is simple:

That's it.

To finish up, I'll just leave this here as an example of what can happen when you donate...

Highlight: The Blessed Knife Round - psykerwraith on Twitch
psykerwraith went live on Twitch. Catch up on their VALORANT VOD now.
Best thing that happened during that session by far