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Saturday Night Fever

Saturday Night Fever
Look at that glorious face. All credit to Paramount Pictures

No real blog post this week. I'm sick.

I don't get sick very often, or, more accurately, I don't have any data about when I get sick except my own recollections, which are anecdotal at best. So, I assume I don't get sick very often.

However, when I do get sick, it feels like it's the same thing every time. Some sort of flu that progresses along the same sequence of symptoms. It's really irritating because I know how it starts, so when I feel that familiar tingling sensation at the back of my throat I know there are fun times ahead.

The most irritating thing about being sick is that it causes me to compromise on the things that I think I should be doing. Like writing a meaningful blog post instead of this mostly pointless series of words.

But also maintaining the level of physical activity necessary to keep my brain in check. I've tried to push through and exercise when I'm sick in the past and it's a goddamn terrible idea. It just makes me sicker. I can be remarkably stupid sometimes.

When I was younger, getting sick was great. Like a holiday that you paid for with suffering.

Now, not so much.

Getting sick just means I have a bunch of stuff to catch up on when I'm no longer sick, and I hate that feeling. I hate it so much that I'll usually just continue to work while sick, which is easy when you work from home.

Probably not the healthiest mindset to have, but eh, here we are. Goes to show that my work ethic, whatever that is, has changed dramatically over the years.

Anyway, that's enough words for a blog post that I said I wasn't going to write. Time to go cough up some eldritch horrors and move on with my life.